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Survey Costs

Costs are based on the amount of work needed to inspect the boat and produce the Survey Report. 

The age and condition of the boat can affect the fee but a general guide can be:


Pre Purchase Survey on Production Yachts, Motor Sailers and Motor Yachts


£13 to £15 per foot length  Example £13 x 30 foot = £390 - Minimum £300

Pre Purchase Survey on steel and Fiberglass canal boats

£10 to £14 per foot length Example £10 x 40 foot steel = £400 - Minimum £330


Insurance or Damage Survey on Yachts, Motor Sailers and Motor Yachts 


£10 to £12 per foot length  Example £10 x 30 foot length = £300 - Minimum £300 


Steel hull Thickness Survey or Fiberglass Hull Osmosis Survey


£9 to £10 per foot Example £9 x 40 = £360 Minimum £300


Catamarans and Boats with Multi Hulls


As above plus 30%


Travelling to Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside, Yorkshire and Cumbria is added at cost. I am not VAT registered

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