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Hull Surveys


I carry out three types of Hull Survey .........


Osmosis Survey of Fiberglass boats


Osmosis is a natural process which affects some fiberglass boats. It is often caused by impurities in the resin or by bad lay up techniques used when the hull was made. It can take 10 to 15 years before any signs of Osmosis are seen. My Osmosis Survey will tell you if it is affecting the boat you are thinking of buying.


Hull Thickness Survey on Steel and Aluminium boats


I use accurate Ultrasonic testing to chart the thickness of metal boat hulls. This is then used to plan repairs and maintenance schemes. It can be repeated every 5 years or so to monitor corrosion.


Condition Surveys on Wooden and Ferro Cement boats


My Condition Survey tells you if the wooden hull is affected by rot or has been attacked by worm. I look for open seams, failed caulking, cracked frames, loose fixings and electrolytic damage.  Ferro Cement hulls can be affected by incorrect cement mixture and frost - water ingress into the structure can cause corrosion of the internal wire mesh. 


Contact me and we can discuss the type of survey you need.


John Crompton


Tel 07738 356299


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