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Manchester Ship Canal Seaworthiness Certification

Private Pleasure Craft wishing to take passage through the Manchester Ship Canal must submit an application to enter and navigate the canal. If the vessel is not classified by Lloyds Register of Shipping or certified by the Minister for Transport a Certificate of Seaworthiness must be included in the application. Click here to download a copy of the Peel Ports information pack and application

The vessel should be certified by an surveyor approved by the Manchester Ship Canal Company Ltd and carry:- 

1. An adequate anchor and cable
2. At least two warps each being not less than fifty feet (15m) in length and of
sufficient strength.
3. Such navigation lights and equipment for signalling by sound as will enable the
pleasure craft to comply with the International Regulations for the Prevention of
Collisions at Sea and with the Company’s Bye-laws.
4. At least two fire extinguishers of a suitable type approved by the Ministry for
Transport and maintained in accordance with the Ministry recommendations.
5. Sufficient life saving apparatus for as many passengers and crew as the pleasure
craft is designed to carry.
6. An admiralty chart or other chart approved by the Company for the Harbour and
adjacent waters.
7. A copy of the Company’s Bye-Laws for the time being in force.
8. A current tidal Almanac.

Please contact me if you need a Seaworthiness Certificate 

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