Pre Purchase Survey

A Pre Purchase Survey is a full inspection of the boat followed by the preparation of a detailed report.


Before the survey I look at the history of the type of boat you are interested in to see if there are any areas that need special attention.

The survey includes an Ultrasound Thickness check and Weld Inspection of steel boats, an Osmosis check on fiberglass boats or a Rot and Fixings inspection of wooden boats 


John Crompton

Tel 07738 356299



Please read our Terms & Conditions before booking a survey  

The Report will highlight 

  •  The structural condition of the boat 

  •  The condition of the equipment,  fixtures and fittings

  •  Items that will need replacing soon

  •  Improvements that you may consider

If you can be with me during the survey we can get to know the boat together

My report will be ready within 7 working days

If you are thinking of buying a boat in Greece go to Ionian Boat Surveys for details of how I can help